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Friday, 02/28/03

There's a new version of Philip Hazel's PCRE out, with more Unicode support. PCRE is a developer library for properly supporting regular expressions. Last summer I lost a week to a wretched bug that wrecked a large number of extended-syntax patterns, and apparently the fix Hazel sent me at the time wasn't rolled out to the public until just this last February 19.

I have need of regexes in a Cocoa context, and rather than polish up my PCRE-wrapper classes from last summer, I'm evaluating AGRegex. It's got documentation, and being based on PCRE it supports Perl syntax, which are more than can be said for any other Cocoa regex attempts. 04:46PM «

Most of the way down the left side of Mark Bernstein's weblog is a magnificently simple notation for the quality of movies he's seen lately. I intend to steal it at my earliest convenience. (Thanks, Kellan -- is that the same Mark Bernstein? Oh, wait, that was Herb Bernstein.) 12:08PM «

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