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Wednesday, 11/09/05

Among the generally good news from the election last night, the eight Dover, PA school board members pimping intelligent design (all Republicans) went down in defeat, replaced by eight challengers (all Democrats) on record against outcome-based science. That's excellent. Via Pharyngula, however, I was tickled by this candidate statement from Eric Riddle, one of the ousted torch-wielders (and apparently a fan of poll taxes):

I would support this case [to teach I.D.] as long as it takes to secure academic freedom. The ACLU should not be able to come in to a community and decide what can and cannot be taught. The majority of Dover taxpayers should decide what should be taught. That's not democracy.

Eric Riddle, this is your petard. There are many like it, but this one is yours. 10:56AM «

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