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Re: [FWP] Jotto puzzle: first five guesses

> My approach was very brute force and ran in the background
> for quite a while (many hours). First build a list of all
> pairs of words which don't duplicate any letters. Call this
> the "pairs list", with each entry being one such pair. Now,
> find all pairs of pairs which don't duplicate letters. Call
> this the "quads list". Finally, find all combinations of a
> quad with an entry from the inial list of 1600 words which
> don't duplicate any letters.
> -matt

I removed double letter words, words with >2 vowels and
anagrams and was left with 4130 words. I wrote each word
to five files, one for each letter. The total used by the
26 files is 123,900 bytes. Not minimal, but definately 
reasonable. I then noticed there were only 39 of these
words in the 'q' file and it occurred to me this would
be a good order to process, starting with the 'q' file,
looking to add a word from the 'j', then the 'x', 'z', etc.

I'm only looking for a reasonable, not an optimal solution...

Ed Perry

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