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Re: free card URLs Re: [FWP] Shufflebug

On Wed, Jul 19, 2000 at 08:28:30PM +0000, David L. Nicol wrote:
> Amir Karger wrote:
> > For those who might care, the Games::Cards module which includes this
> > shuffle just had a new release, v1.45, which includes two perl/Tk solitaire
> > games. That's *definitely* fun with perl!
> http://www.tipjar.com/cards/[A23456789TJQKW][hdsc].gif
> are available for non-commercial general use.

Wow. Neat link. 

I'm currently using cards created by Oliver Xymoron
(www.waste.org/~oxymoron/cards) which are GPL'ed/Artistic Licensed. My TODO
list includes adding the ability to choose your own images, though.


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