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Re: [MacPerl] Net::FTP Problems with Proxies

Paul Schinder wrote...

> You sure you have an FTP proxy?  There are proxies and there are
> proxies.  (I am *very* glad I've never had to deal with the brain
> damage that are firewalls.)

Well, I've told Internet Config I've got an FTP proxy-- and Anarchie merrily FTPs 
though it. (Looking at the Anarchie transcripts, I can confirm it goes through 
the proxy.)

One thing I'd like to try is to remove the Firewall code from my script, and 
simply modify my target host to include the proxy. Some time ago I had the chance 
to view a URL that included the proxy. It looked something like:


I can't remember the exact syntax, though.
> What does the debugging output tell you?

Since the Timeout doesn't seem to work, the 'die' which should be triggered by 
the failed creation of the $ftp object is not executed during the script. When I 
[command]-. to kill the script, the screen output reads:

	Couldn't connect:

(Which comes from die("Couldn't connect: $@\n");)

Any ideas?

-- Matt

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