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[MacPerl] MacPerl bugs?

Hello all,

I've run across a few things recently and am just wondering if anyone 
else has been bitten by these...

$^O - I have a script and need to know if the platform is Mac or other:

if ($^O =~ /mac/) { #.... }
# then later on...
$z = eval {/$x/};
# but wait, eval no longer works!
# removing the ($^O =~ /mac/) verified this.

scalar  - counting array elements:

$_ = "a\tb\tc\t\t\t\n"; # read in from a database file
@x = split (/\t/, $_);
if (scalar (@x) == 6) { #... }
# for Unix the number of elements is 6 (as expected)
# for the Mac it is 3
# MacPerl will not see the empty elements.


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