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Re: [MacPerl] Permissions - Workaround?

>>On Mon, Jun 07, 1999 at 06:18:16PM +1000, Peta Adams / John Murray wrote:
>>> I am coming across a file permissions issue when I upload my files to my
>>> ISP. My FTP program dosen't have an option for playing with file
>>> permissions.
>>>		...snip...
>>> Do you know any mac FTP programs that have this option, or can I set this
>>> using a Macperl script on the file. You get the drift ...
>>What FTP program are you using?  Both Fetch and Anarchie can control file
>>permissions on the remote system.
>At 5:56 PM -0700 6/7/99, Peta Adams / John Murray wrote:
>I'm using Fetch 2.1.2.

	To use Fetch to "set permissions" do the following:

1.  Choose "Remote"(menu at top), "Set Upload Permissions..."

2.  Remember that "Owner" is "4", "Group" is "2", and "Everyone" is "1".
Therefore, to chmod 755, you check the boxes for "Read" (all checked),
"Write" (owner and group, only), and "Search/Execute" (owner and group,

	Hope that this helps.

Patrick Béart
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