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[MacPerl] Syslogs error


I am trying to use the ProxyServer.pm modules.... i have some info off a
DBI list.... but i am coming across another problem which i think maybe mac
specific, i am running this script

#! perl -w

use strict;
use DBI;

my $dsn =
my $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, 'user', 'passwd') || die "cannot connect:

*** do database stuff here ***


however i get this error......

# install_driver(Proxy) failed: # Can't locate syslog.ph in @INC (did you
run h2ph?).
File 'Adam's HD:Applications:MacPerl :lib:Sys:Syslog.pm'; Line 92
# BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.
File 'Adam's HD:Applications:MacPerl :site_perl:RPC:pClient.pm'; Line 45

File 'Adam's HD:Desktop Folder:proxytest.pl'; Line 9

it seems that it cannot find syslog.ph..... looking at Syslog.pm, syslog.ph
is required, and Syslog.pm comes with the MacPerl distribution.... is there
something missing... or does Syslog not work on the mac? or am i doing
something wrong??



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