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Re: [MacPerl] Need a Program

Do you really have to use perl for some reason?
Here are some (untested for typos) MPW commands to do what you need.

> I need two scripts (or one that does two things). I want it to traverse a
> whole hard drive or AppleShare server and then tell me how many documents
> of type 'X' there are.  It would look something like this:

directory "hard drive:"
files -t 'XXXX' -r > temp
count temp
delete temp
##Actually I think you can pipe the output of files to count and avoid the
temp file. I'm not much of a plumber.

> Second, the full path name of all FileMaker Pro Documents on any given
> hard drive or AppleShare server.

directory "AppleShare server:"
files -r -f -t FMP3 > local_directory_spec:myoutput

If it makes you feel better you can do:
alias ls files
and just pretend you're using UNIX.

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