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Re: [MacPerl] sorting arrays

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Richard Gordon wrote:

> That's a possibility. Another is that I have seen why programmers 
> habitually fail to meet the expectations of the people who pay them 
> because they get off on theoretical tangents that don't yield any 
> tangible benefits to the suits.The suits don't care how something 
> gets done, they just want it to run more or less like they envisioned 
> and take it for granted that everything is going to work.
Ronald's point being (and I agree with him) that the Schwartzian Transform
is a well-established and documented Perl sorting technique. Randal
Schwartz first identified and codified this usage (hence the name),
although the technique was certainly in use prior - it's just that nobody
else woke up to the general utility of it.

So, if nothing else, the S.T. is not a theoretical tangent.

I have to agree with Ronald, again - why does elegance != simplicity in
your opinion? You're confusing elegance with obfuscation. True elegance IS


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