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[MacPerl] Mac::Glue 19990616

Yay, it is here!  Thanks for all of your continued help and feedback.  If
there are outstanding issues I've not addressed, please let me know.  If
you get it to work, please let me know.  If you don't get it to work,
please let me know.  If you look at it and think it looks stupid or cool,
let me know.  :)


If the mirror you get sent to is bad, s/CPAN/CPAN-local/g above.

The docs online at http://pudge.net/macperl/ have been updated.  There is a
brief overview and the full docs are linked to from there.

Brief list of changes below (dating back to the rewrite released May 22).
Other changes were made to Mac::AppleEvents::Simple, Mac::AppleEvents
(added more constants), and Mac::AETE::Format::Glue (fixed some
documentation issues).

    v0.30, 16 June 1999
        Changed function names: `glueInsertion' is now `location',
        `glueRange' is now `range'.

        Added `whose' function.

        Added `can' method which correctly finds available events.

        Made special parameters, formerly with leading underscore and
        lowercase, to all uppercase with no underscore (i.e., `_retobj' is
        now `RETOBJ').

        Added `of' and `in' as synonyms for `property' in `obj' method

        Put `AEObjDesc' back in! Will use in the future, maybe, to use
        objects as targets for events.

        Return all descriptors from `obj' and `prop', and all objects
        returned from events, as `AEObjDesc' objects.

        Added `glueTrue' and `glueFalse' constants.

        Tried again to suppress warnings during initial scripting
        additions and dialect creation.

        Tons of internal cleaning up.

    v0.26, 07 June 1999
        Made choice of serializer for glue more intelligent: FreezeThaw
        automatically picked for CFM68K, Storable for PPC.

        Updated Mac::AppleEvents and Mac::Memory, fixed more bugs and
        added constants. Fixed bug in AutoSplit.

        Added `glueInsertion', `glueRange', and `glueNull'.

        Completely removed `AEObjDesc' package, which existed to support
        destruction of descriptors. Use global hash now to keep track of
        descriptors to destroy (the Mac::AppleEvents::Simple manpage). So
        all descriptors returned from `obj' and `prop' and others are
        `AEDesc' objects.

        Changed ordering of items in creating object specifiers in
        `_do_obj' to match AppleScript, so comparing to Capture AE output
        would be easier.

        Put `%AE_PUT' back in Mac::Glue and left `%AE_GET' in

        Switched `DOBJ, {PARAM1 => DATA1}' to `DOBJ, PARAM1 => DATA1' in
        event calls.

        Always default to wait for reply and no timeout if unspecified by

        Return useful errors in `$^E'.

        Accept and return nested arrays/lists and hashes/records.

        Call events and pass classes / properties case-insensitively.

        Other miscellaneous changes. Some cleaning up.

    v0.25, 30 May 1999
        Add serializer option.

        Updates to Mac::Memory and Mac::AppleEvents and

        Added constants for absolute and relative positions.

        Added `enum'.

        Put `o' and `p' back as `obj' and `prop'.

        Other miscellaneous changes. Lots of cleaning up.

    v0.20, 22 May 1999
        Complete rewrite. Too many changes to bother mentioning, because I
        am lazy.

Chris Nandor          mailto:pudge@pobox.com         http://pudge.net/
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