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Re: [MacPerl] sorting arrays

At 08:14 -0400 6/17/1999, Chris Nandor wrote:
>Well, some of us don't code primarily for profit.  And if you are using
>Perl, I hope you can appreciate that, because Perl exists, and continues to
>exist, only because of that fact.

Sure, but whether you are talking about Perl or any other language 
that has a viable commercial application, the object is to meet the 
project specs within the agreed time. Within that framework, 
optimizing code that already yields adequate results may be 
personally satisfying, but it isn't productive.

 From what I've seen of development in general, the big holes aren't 
related to efficiency or functionality, they are a direct result of 
failing to anticipate just how blindingly stupid users of an 
interactive application can be and trap against their blunders or 
assuming that environmental states are stable when they aren't. All I 
am really saying is that the solution that is the quickest to 
implement is generally the best one whether it's pretty or not and 
that it begs the point to spend time optimizing something if you 
don't give at least equal weight to insulating it from user or 
environmentally induced failures.

Richard Gordon
Gordon Consulting & Design
Database Design/Scripting Languages

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