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[MacPerl] Schwartzian transform

>>Maybe Schwartzian Transform is cool and maybe it isn't, but it
>>doesn't seem likely to put any more money in your pocket in either

It's not a question of cool. It's a question of efficient, and a good way
to do things, and whether it works. It's also a question of idioms.

FYI, here's the description of the Schwartzian Transform from Mark-Jason
Dominus' Perl Paraphernalia pages:

   The problem it solves is when you want to sort a list of items, not by
   some apparent feature of the items, but by some hidden feature. For
   example, you have a list of the files in the current directory, and you
   want to sort them by modification date instead of by name.

   The general idea is this: Construct a data structure that has both kinds
   of information, names and dates in it, sort by the appropriate one, and
   then throw it away again.


for more details and examples

Here, we're sorting a list of names by... name.  And we want to keep all
the data when we're finished. I'm not sure that the S.T. is, therefore,
entirely appropriate.

I could be mistaken :-)
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