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Re: [MacPerl] filehandle/subfolder

At 15:51 -0400 6/17/99, Ingo Bitsch wrote:
> How can I have a filehandle point to a different directory than the one
> of the script itself? To a subfolder, for example?
> I tried open (IN, ">>/subfolder/file"); but it didn't work

Also, a point of minor nitpicky convention.

The specification of >> as in ">>file" will open a file for appending.
i.e. writing (output).

The choice of filehandle name, IN, appears to contradict this.

Perl doesn't care, but names are there to make things easier for the reader.

Always remember - consider that your maintenance program is a psychotic
maniac... and s/he knows where you live :-)

At 19:00 -0400 6/17/99, Paul J. Schinder wrote:
> Try "open (IN,":subfolder:file");".

Note that Paul switched this to an open for read without commenting on the
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