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[MacPerl] Grep help


	I realize there's a simple answer to this question, I'm just not
stumbling across it!

See the code sample at bottom.

I'm expecting Searchmodel to print all 3 of these models...the regex
should match '6' with each key of %Models right? But I get no matches.
If I put in 
searchModel('610') I get that match.

So what am I missing?

# Code ============================================
#! Perl
%Models = (
'610' => ['Apple','Centris','610'],
'650' => ['Apple','Centris','650'],
'660AV' => ['Apple','Centris','660av']);


sub searchModel{
print"All models:\n\n";
$searchItem = shift;
my $modelLabel;

foreach $modelLabel (keys(%Models)){
print "$modelLabel\n";

	if ($searchItem =~ /$modelLabel/i){
		print "Match with $searchItem: $modelLabel\n";
} #end if

Allan Greenier
AutoScript Applications


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