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[MacPerl] parserhtm.pl

Title: parserhtm.pl
Thanks Ron,

I am still doing something wrong here because now I can't execute form.pl

sub parseHtml
    # Declare variables to hold the arguments
    local($fileName) = @_;

    # Declare a variable to store the return value

    open(htmlFile, $filename) or die "Unable to open $filename: $!\n";

    # If the file opened, call the parser on it
    $retVal = &mainHtmlParser("",0);

    # Close the file

    # Return the string parsed from the file
    return $retVal;

P.S.  Don't refer to anyone the book "
Perl 5 How TO" by Stephan Asbury, Mike Glover, Ed Weiss, Jason Mathews, Selena Sol.  It claims to have internet support, it doesn't have diddley.

Thank You
ken t.