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[MacPerl] HOW-TO


I've been playing around with all the info everybody sent me, including
some web sites.
Bart suggested the HTML::Parser module, but i couldn't get it to work
(imagine that). I'm going to work on it though, it looked like a good
I compared your parsehtm.pl to mine, word for word, and couldn't find
any difference, but must have missed something, couldn't get it to work.

BUT, your input.pl was the original code i started with, but i backed
down to the other one i've been frustrated with because I couldn't get
it to work and the other looked easier.

You know the blank page i was getting, well you added the statement
"where's the output?????", i could get that.

So, with the info you gave me:

$htmdir = "/custs/homey/a/abc1111/public_html/test";
$output = &parseHtml("$htmdir/F2_PL.HTM");

I was able to mess around and get it to work.

Getting the path right and being sure that the files i was requesting
from cgi's had the same name ie.  form.pl  -  FORM.PL, is what did me in
(i think). I worked with this script so much i'm not sure what i've done
to it in the past TWO WEEKS.

I wasn't aware of the capitalization being so important and would have
never figured out the path. I feel like i got to first base, or maybe I
should say, made a basket (i live in Austin, can't help thinking about
the Spurs).

Thanks to ALL of YOU for your hard work! I really, really appreciate it!

mr. green

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