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Re: [MacPerl] Code cleaning and questions

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999 21:40:07 -0400, Ronald J Kimball wrote:

>Of course not.  This is the line that prints the ASCII value:
>print $num = ord $_;
>which was part of this block of code:
>foreach (split //, $line) {
>  print $num = ord $_;
>  $num > 127 and warn "WARNING -- ASCII value exceeds 127.\n";

Should I really remind you that "print $num" prints to STDOUT, and
warn() to STDERR? MacPerl merges those two filehandles, but NOT
immediately. So those results will be printed intertwined, but not close
together. The relationship between the two things in the output won't be

If you print to a file, the results even WON'T be intertwined.

Actually, what I would do if it was for me, is count the occurences of
all unacceptable characters, and print out a summary of the warning

Something like:

	while(defined($line=<>)) {
		my $wacky = $line;
		$wacky =~ tr/\200-\377//cd; # delete normal
		foreach $ord (unpack('C*', $wacky)) {
		local $" = "\n";
		warn <<EOT;
WARNING! Illegal characters found!
@{[ map { "** $_ => $wacky[$_]" } 
   grep { $wacky[$_] } 0 .. $#wacky ]}

Ooh, that's right. Your construction

	foreach (split //, $line) {
	  print $num = ord $_;

is equivalent to

	foreach $num (unpack('C*',$line)) {
	  print $num;



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