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Re: [MacPerl] Help with Quotemonster

At 21.35 -0400 1999.06.24, adjei wrote:
>Quotemonster or qm is perl script that downloads historical quotes from the
>internet. It was working fine with Os 8.5.1 until all of a sudden it stared
>truncating the quotesout dates. For example a normal quotesout ( output)
>like this:
>the faulty quotesout looks like this:
>note the disappearance of the year-99.
>I cannot figure it out. I upgraded to os 8.6-still same problem.
>your help will be most appreciated.
>I have attached the qm script.

I cannot test it now, but I cannot imagine it has anything to do with the
OS at all.  Did you try the script on other machines, other OSes, since the
problem started happening?

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