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Re: [MacPerl] wantarray() Function Question

In response to a question from sleidy@voicenet.com:
At 7:31 PM -0800 1/12/00, blm@halcyon.com wrote:
>|my(@the_Time) = &hms();
>|my($the_Time) = &hms();
>Read the "Private Variables via my()" section in perlsub.pod while thinking
>about the above lines.

But don't stare too hard at the 'my' part of it. The point is that having
the scalar $the_Time in my's parentheses (at the time you assign the value
from &hms() to it) makes it an element in an array, so wantarray() returns

Here's the output when you change the statement to  my $the_Time = &hms() :

Array - hms()
The Time is Hour: 20, Minutes: 51,
Seconds 44.

String - hms()
The Time is  20.51.44.

Do read the pod, though. Much to gain.

- Bruce


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