Bumppo.net is inordinately gratified to host the mailing list archives for MacPerl.

MacPerl is Matthias Neeracher's fabulous Mac OS port of Perl 5.004. It's available at no cost under Perl's standard Artistic License. Archives of the main MacPerl list go back to January 1996; seven new supplementary lists were created in February 1999, and macperl-scribes came along a year later. To subscribe, see the MacPerl Pages signup information.

  Chronological and threaded archives are available for:
  macperl The main list
  macperl-anyperl Discussion of Perl off the mac
  macperl-forum List meta-discussion, other soapboxes
  macperl-modules Perl Modules under Mac OS, including XS
  macperl-porters Issues involved with building MacPerl, and MacPerl's relationship with other perls
  macperl-scribes New! Coordination for Perlmonth's "Script Different" column, other MacPerl journalism
  macperl-toolbox MacPerl and native Mac OS APIs.
  macperl-webcgi MacPerl in a web context

The MacPerl lists are searchable, and a MacPerl list archives Sherlock plugin is also available.

The list mom for the MacPerl lists is Matthias Neeracher. Please direct archive-related comments or suggestions to archives@bumppo.net.