Netflix rental sparkline widget

Paste in your tab-delimited rental history (emailed to you upon request), like so:

11/14/03	11/19/03	Oz: Season 2: Disc 1 (1998)
11/10/03	11/17/03	Coupling: Season 2: Disc 1 (2001)
11/10/03 	11/17/03	Identity (2003)

Target monthly average cost:
Limit to last 12 months:
Exclude current month:

Absolutely no collection of the above data will take place, or even of the sparkline. Comments on this barren little page, most especially regarding any data-mining you'd like to see done on your Netflix rental history, is most welcome at .

Update: I’d especially like to hear from people who enjoy sparklines and are subscribed to one of Netflix’s five-out or eight-out plans — I’d like to get a peek at your personalized RSS feed.

Sparkline widgetry courtesy of’s nifty graphing library.