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Thursday, 05/01/03

Jon Rentzsch has an insightful theory about how Apple's credit card processing in the iTunes Music Store might work, and keep the company from being eaten alive by nickel and dime authorization fees. (Some people are calling 99-cent tracks "micropayments", a mythical animal whose name I would reserve for payments well under a dime; Rentzsch calls them "minipayments".)

I'm curious about the the authorize/capture strategy he proposes -- at what point do I see a transaction wind up on my register? Because plenty of black-helicopter types will instantly cause problems, by tying up customer support or with chargebacks or both, if they ever see a debit larger than they incurred (even if it's going to be corrected subsequently).

It's also worth pointing out that one of Apple's help pages for iMS claims to "consolidate purchases of up to $20".

In other productive iMS pondering, Tim Bray has some very sound ideas about future directions for store on the web. If Apple ever finds room in their profit margin for an affiliate fee, I've got a couple of good ideas already. 07:54AM «

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