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Thursday, 05/01/03

The second CSI episode penned by my dear old friend Sarah Goldfinger airs tonight. I think about the process of making TV a lot more since she got her start there a few years ago as a writer's assistant.

Last night on The West Wing, a key piece of evidence comes in the form of a White House phone log. Before the scene ended, I was wondering about the poor production assistant who had to make up pages of fake phone log records, which would then have to be submitted for approval by a studio lawyer to ensure none of the names belonged to people who could sue.

I went back with the Tivo to take a closer look at the log. Sure enough, halfway down the first page there's a call from someone named "Monica" to someone named "Hillary", one line above a call from someone named "Bill". In addition to confirming my visualization of the bored production assistant, it also supports my theory that Aaron Sorkin and his writing staff do not have their heads in the current administration. (Not for the first time, this episode's story credit was shared by Clinton press secretatry Dee Dee Myers.) 12:08PM «

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