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Saturday, 05/31/03

NYT op-ed articles, long exempted from the online edition's shifting policies of availability, are now apparently subject to the paper's absurd per-article pricing once they become a week old. I missed Paul Krugman's "Fear of a Quagmire?" liquidity trap column last week, and only noticed it via Brad DeLong's blog. I can't get it from the NYT site anymore. Fortunately DeLong tends to quote his sources in their entirety.

The Times' editorial archive used to contain the last four or so articles by each writer, next to a snapshot. That's gone too, replaced by a link to a generic editorial category in the paper's search engine.

Tim Bray recently explained why newspaper archives tend toward uselessness, but I still can't believe there isn't a flat-rate business model here somewhere. 07:04PM «

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