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Thursday, 05/01/03

John Gruber, ace critic of Apple's font minutiae, suggests that my problem with iTunes 4's unpleasant new fonts is only that iTunes 4 shifts from 10-point to 9-point text. He correctly guessed that I'd raised my global font-smoothing preference (the threshold at which I think text is too small to be usefully anti-aliased), and surmised that setting the threshold back to the default of 8 points would properly anti-alias text in iTunes. He's quite right. Jolly good!

To expand on my question about when exactly charges from iMS purchase activity shows up on a credit card log: I'd test this myself, but I haven't been able to sign up for the service yet. I started trying yesterday, and I consistently see this error when asked for credit card details:

The credit card number you entered is not a valid number for the type of credit card you selected. Please correct your credit card information. The credit card you entered is not a valid credit card number.

Which is bollocks, of course. So far I'm just getting back boilerplate from Apple's email support. 11:30AM «

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