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Thursday, 06/12/03

Intrepid Camino hacker Mike Pinkerton here praises Rod Lurie's feature debut, Deterrence, unseen by me yet still fondly remembered. When it came out in 1999, Jen and I were puzzled by its guerrilla print-media ad campaign, which appeared to be pitching a fringe political candidate for President. "Doesn't that guy look a lot like Kevin Pollak?" I asked. "Yes, I've never heard of him," she replied, and we made fun of the ad because we couldn't tell which party the guy represented.

Months later, I realized our mistake when I saw the same sketch of Pollak from the ad and read Scott Tobias' capsule review in The Onion - "a spectacularly inept political thriller that unfolds like a production of Fail-Safe by the Max Fischer Players" - a memorable critical outburst, even by Tobias' cranky standards.

Though I haven't seen the movie, Pinkerton's characterization is a puzzling outlier, and not just because he calls it deserving of comparison to Reservoir Dogs -- he also says it's "very relevant to current events (Iraqi aggression, weapons of mass destruction, etc)." Perhaps I've been keeping up with the wrong set of current events. 01:47PM «

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