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Wednesday, 06/25/03

My spam problem wasn't as bad as I thought, though as a certain network administrator had predicted barely a week earlier, it was time to get rid of the catch-all on bumppo.net addresses. Previously, if mail arrived not addressed to one of the fairly small number of defined buckets, it would still be accepted and wind up where I could see it. This proved a mistake when galumphing quantities of spam were sent from the made-up addresses mia@bumppo.net, mackenzie@bumppo.net, and jack@bumppo.net; those three accounted for the vast majority of the several thousand bounces I found in my mailbox that morning. (I myself received three of the fraudulent mia@bumppo.net messages.)

Mail sent to any of those three names now falls into oblivion. I'm revising my bayesian filter, and when I'm done, mail to unexpected bumppo.net addresses will bounce. It's a pity, but it's unavoidable considering the quantity of spam being sent to and from bumppo.net addresses. 01:54PM «

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