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Friday, 07/18/03

Though service had never been stellar, in the last couple of weeks our cable signal deteriorated to the point that the cable modem would lose block sync when it shared the line with the TV. Several AT&T visits over the last few months led to much replacing of coax cables in my apartment, but with no substantial improvements as service continued to degrade. I decided to give Comcast a shot before I chucked it in for DSL and satellite.

The Comcast repair person, because she bothered to check, cut off no fewer than three cheap Radio Shack splitters on the cable before it got to my unit. Now there's no fuzziness on local channels, so for the first time in this apartment I get the Newshour without audio static. Cable internet hasn't dropped an SSH connection since she left.

Take that, nitwit neighbor fratboys. The lesson, I think, is that you're less likely to be caught hijacking cable service using high-quality parts. 12:18PM «

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