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Friday, 07/18/03

Neal Stephenson has a new book coming out in couple of months. Leading up to this by-definition-exciting event, there's a bootleg of his recent USENIX keynote making the rounds, in which he magically reconciles a lot of conflicting yet well-established dogma about the strategies by which a tiny number of people manufacture compositional works with a keyboard, and why the strategies used by successful practitioners do not necessarily scale to a wider population.

This led me to wondering if Stephenson had updated his charmingly irascible main page in the last year or so, and sure enough, somewhere along the line he added a link to a still more charmingly irascible Atlantic Monthly essay by Jonathan Rausch: Caring for Your Introvert.

After reading it, I first thought I wanted a T-shirt that says, "I'm OK, you're OK -- in small doses." I quickly realized I'd have to wear it in public, where it would either have no effect or spark discussion, neither of which would serve me particularly well. 09:04PM «

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