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Sunday, 11/02/03

My housemate suddenly moved out in early October. It proved slightly more difficult to replace him than to move out myself, which is analogous to saying it's easier to swim the ocean than to leap across it, and I wound up wasting the last three weeks in the unpleasantness of simultaneously entertaining the apartment-hunting meatmarket and packing up the majority of my worldly possessions for transfer to a new locale.

I had a place lined up around the 22nd, but the fellow moving out decided he was going to wait until the end of November, so to avoid making a quick decision and repeating this drama in six months, I wound up putting my stuff into a storage unit and moving in temporarily with the little woman. Today is the first day since October 7th that I haven't had to think about moving; tomorrow I will have to put myself back into it.

If I have been a poor correspondent over the last three weeks (and I've certainly been a poor blogger), this is why and I do beg your indulgence. The worst should be over with now, and if you have a line on a quality apartment in the Belltown/Queen Anne/Wallingford/Ballard/Capitol Hill areas, by all means please drop me a line. 08:05PM «

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