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Tuesday, 11/04/03

I find marathon runners perplexing, so I have appreciated Maciej Ceglowski's account of his preparation for the NY marathon, written from a perspective that acknowledges the skepticism of non-runners. Now the marathon diary itself is up. An excerpt:

These are my people! I wait until I see a group of Slavic faces and yell "Czy sa tu jacys Polacy? (Any Poles here?)" The crowd cheers! I am intoxicated with my powers; I spend the next mile stirring up Green Point, and the rest of the race calling out Viva Mexico! after discovering that Mexican spectators go even more apeshit than my own countrymen. I try Viva Mexico! out on one group of brown faces and a mariachi band strikes up! Huge Mexican flags pop out of nowhere, there is mad cheering.

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