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Thursday, 11/06/03

Ira Glass was interviewed by the Onion this week:

... my feeling about the pledge drive is that I don't like things to be bad. I just didn't want to be boring on the radio. I couldn't face that, so we put a lot of work into trying not to make it boring, some years with more success than others. [...] At one point, we sicced one of our contributors, Jonathan Goldstein... We told him that $20 million was the total amount of money the public-radio stations needed to raise in the fall pledge drive. We sent him out cold-calling people, trying to get them to donate the $20 million and end the whole thing right there.

Onion: Did it work?

Glass: No. He was not able to raise any money.

I was reminded of this approach when dad forwarded a note today that Ray Kroc's late widow left NPR a record-smashing bequest of $200 million when she died last month of brain cancer. 11:28AM «

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