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Wednesday, 11/19/03

Brian Weatherson at Crooked Timber comments on a loopy TIAA-CREF proposal to stop investing in companies that support gun control. By way of a whimsical correlation between support for gun control and strong economic performance, Weatherson points to the NRA's thorough blacklist of pesky civilians and corporations, including the Kansas City Chiefs, who are apparently having a pretty good year.

This list is surprisingly entertaining. Some notes:

Update: I initially attributed Coretta Scott King's inclusion to "some NRA intern", forgetting momentarily that the national organization is easily crazy enough to condemn the anti-gun views of the widow of an assassinated winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. I don't know what I was thinking.

Also, John Gruber writes to point out that Steve Buscemi made sure that his Reservoir Dogs action figure would not come with a little toy gun. While commendable, Buscemi conveys his conviction somewhat less intensely than Drew Barrymore, who after once making a movie called "Guncrazy" now refuses to allow guns in the Charlie's Angels movies, which she produces. Ms. Barrymore is definitely on the list. 06:26PM «

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