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Thursday, 01/27/05

A client of mine bought the first-generation Xserve two years ago, putting it into production as a respectably high-traffic web server. While repairing some database damage on that machine the other day, it occurred to me that the specs on the Mac Mini are surprisingly in line with that first Xserve.

The disk and RAM are faster and more expandable in the server, but the Mini's single CPU and bus speeds are faster, its video card is necessarily sexier, it throws in an optical drive and USB 2.0, it's wireless-friendly, it silently occupies slightly less than one-tenth the space, and it costs one-sixth as much.

Obviously the Mini isn't built to to same industrial tolerances and one shouldn't deploy a big public server on a 4200 RPM drive, but a lot of the Minis going to existing Mac owners are essentially going to wind up as Xserves for the home. Somehow this seems like a better mental fit to me than comparing the Mini to the last of the G4 towers, my first inclination. 10:13AM «

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