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Wednesday, 03/23/05

Movable Type 3 is a great upgrade, and looks likely to continue to improve. The main menu, however, now includes a dopey little box of links to Six Apart-penned news releases, which means my site is periodically querying Six Apart for tidbits to which I am probably already exposed in about a dozen other ways. I don't like the occasional performance hit loading the menu page, I'm not crazy about creating a latent log on their server of my activity on my server, and it's not a good use of space.

I signed up for Six Apart's "ProNet" last week, and today figured out that the secret for accessing their inexplicably members-only knowledgebase was to download the ProNet member distribution of MT (which I'd skipped in the knowledge, since confirmed, that it differed in no way from the regular version). The best nugget of information I've found so far in the knowledgebase is the under-documented mt.cfg directive to shut off the newsbox:

NewsboxURL disable

Because, you know, freedom's on the march. 09:33AM «

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