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Friday, 01/20/06

Gallant Google declares its intention to fight the DOJ's shockingly broad subpoena for a swath of aggregate search information, even as Yahoo and MSN capitulate.

Goofus Google picked a privacy-minimizing DRM architecture for its video service. Just as DVD copy protection was wholly ineffective against thinly-motivated bootleggers but forcibly subjects millions to unskippable trailers, intros, and boilerplate bloviation, this kind of scheme inevitably degrades the privacy expectations of its users in the name of falsely placating CBS. I suppose the Google threat here is no worse than that of TiVo, except that TiVo lives close enough to the knife edge for a privacy scandal to immolate the company, while for Google it would mean a week of negative publicity.

I know, it's a large organization, but Google ought to be coordinated enough to let me cling to my unrealistic corporate generalizations for a day or so. 10:29AM «

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