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Monday, 01/23/06

Speaking of Sundance and Netflix, Netflix has pages up for the historical winners of the documentary (audience award, jury prize) and drama (audience, jury) categories. The cranky little economist in me is intrigued by the disparity of DVD availability between audience and jury prizes -- all but a couple of audience award winners are available, but lots of jury winners are apparently unreleased. Only three jury prize winners for documentary from the '80s are stocked.

I'm assuming that Netflix would stock any winners that are widely available (the lack of Strangers in Paradise jumped out at me; it's available used, but out of print). If not, then I'm just judging Netflix's acquisition strategy, and not the underlying economic factors driving DVD releases. Still, an interesting little sample.

Of all the jury drama winners that I've seen, I adored Primer almost beyond reason, and if I ever recommend Welcome to the Dollhouse to you, feel free to interpret it as a grave insult.

Update: John Clark of the NYT has additional context on the popular woes of jury prize winners. 09:03PM «

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