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Re: [MacPerl] MacPerl and MPW

>From the keyboard of Jason Johnston:
>Ken Simpson asked:
>>What are the advantages to using MacPerl with
>>MPW over just the MacPerl application?
[stuff deleted]
>That said, MPW has rather a large footprint (57MB on my disk), and probably
>a slow learning curve. It works best if you reorganize your system a bit
>around it -- eg getting rid of spaces in file names, putting an alias to
>each of your applications in some folder in MPW's path (so every app
>becomes an MPW 'command'), etc. (I've more or less entirely replaced the
>Finder with MPW.) Not for the faint of heart, but great if you're
>interested in serious productivity.
[stuff deleted]


With judicious removal the footprint for MPW can be pruned down to
a lean, mean 7MB.  Go into the "Interfaces" folder and remove every
folder except the RIncludes folder (if you want to use Rez/Derez
to work with resource files, other wise remove the entire "Interfaces"
folder).  Remove the libraries folder, Rom Maps folder, all compilers
from tool folder, and, if you're not going to use Canon, all the
dictionary files (files ending in .dict).

While I'm editing a file with MPW Shell, I can write a simple script
and execute it, right in the file, by selecting it and pressing 'Enter'.

Any script can be bound to a key or to a menu selection.
       The scripts can act on:
        a. current window
        b. current selection
        c. arbitrary file

The editor key bindings can be customized completely.

New menus can be created. e.g.

	# NOTE: replace '\' char with option-d char if you want to use this
	AddMenu "PScripts" "Open File for this menu" "Open "{MenusFolder}"\"PScripts\"_Menu"
	AddMenu "PScripts" "Remove this menu" "DeleteMenu \"PScripts\""
	AddMenu "PScripts" "(-1" ""
	set oldDirectory "`Directory`"
	Directory "{PerlScriptsFolder}"
	set myFiles "`files -t TEXT`"
	For theFile in {myFiles}
		AddMenu "PScripts" "{theFile}" "Open "{PerlScriptsFolder}""{theFile}""

this script will create a new menu in the menubar named "PScripts"
with a list of files in the PerlScriptsFolder.  Selection a menu
selection will open that file for editing.

Using the SendAE tool you can control other applications. I wrote a
script to have Anarchie perform FTP's and remote listings using

While I use CWPro's editor for C/C++ code writing, I do all my Perl/HTML
editing from within MPW. (Check out HTMLTool (at an Info-Mac mirror near you),
for editing HTML files.  Its menu script uses SendAE to have your favorite
browser display the current window.)

There are only two things that would make MPW better: Perl as it's
builtin scripting language, CW's syntax highlighting.


Tom Kimpton
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