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[MacPerl] wrap lines in email

> Now please, wrap your lines to less than 80
>   characters :-)

Hi Matthias (and all),

few days ago I posted a message to comp.lang.perl.misc and used a sig that
bitchs about the line break and disparage unix users. It just
occured to me that you might be reading it and thought I was
thinking of you. Not so. Pleane don't take it seriously.

Now, about the line breaks thingy... It is one of my
big peeves. I've been vociferous about this issue few times here and there.
 In summary: it is a bad convention,
wasting much of people's time, and we should not go out of our
way to support outdated convetions...

It so happens, that recentely I got mail from Tom Christian complaining
about one of my posts in perl.misc that uses long lines. I'm not going
out of my way to post long lines, but sometimes it is just to painful
to wrap them.

Many people (especially unix hackers) don't see what's the big deal
with breaking lines. I won't be going into details or repeating arguments here.
One of big reason is that some code (AppleScript and Frontier) must retain
their line breaks. In a similar way, my Perl code won't work after
hard wrapping, since I only break at logical points.


 Xah, xah@best.com
 Mountain View, CA, USA

PS originally I intended to send this as a private mail, but
since I have mentioned this issue a few months back but got busy
so never made any reply. Here it is. (^_^)

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