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[MacPerl] Net::FTP Problems with Proxies

Hello Folks,

I'm trying to create a MacPerl dropplet that will (recursively) upload all
files in a folder structure to their corresponding (mirrored) location on my

My Net::FTP-based script works perfectly within our local network; however,
it fails as soon as I try to FTP to a host outside our FTP proxy.

Here's a code sample:

    # Create a new FTP session object
    $ftp = Net::FTP-new($host,
        Debug=>1) or die("Could not connect: $@\n");

It never gets past this statement. (Also, it doesn't seem to die after 30

Any ideas? Does the MacPerl Net::FTP have problems dealing with Firewalls?

FWIW, I just downloaded and installed the latest libnet
(libnet-1.0606.tar.gz), and that didn't help.

Any information or tips you might have would be greatly appreciated. Many
thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

-- Matt

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