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[MacPerl] KeyQuencer calls from MacPerl

I spent too much time over the weekend scripting in MacPerl. One thing that
worked well was calling KeyQuencer from MacPerl to control the input of
custom e-mails into Eudora Light. KeyQuencer calls from MacPerl were
extremely reliable. I first tried to call Applescript to enter the e-mails
into Eudora, but Applescript wouldn't work reliably. I feel pretty strongly
that the KeyQuencer/MacPerl combination is a good one.  I've updated my
previous work on how to use KeyQuencer with MacPerl and have reposted it at:


I've incorporated some helpful input and comments from Chris Nandor;
thanks, Chris.

The ReadMe contains details on how it works.  In short, you can control
almost anything on your Mac by combining MacPerl with KeyQuencer.

Darryl Tang


Yoshi's Franchise Corporation
of America, Inc.


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