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[MacPerl] Re: Mac::Glue 19990531

At 13.14 -0400 1999.06.01, Jefferson R. Lowrey wrote:
>Yeah. I guess so.  I didn't figure I'd need to do that - since you say
>mainly CFM68K, and a few PPCs (specifically your iMac).  I'm using a G3
>Desktop, 266mhz running 8.6 with enough RAM to choke a goldfish.
>So, I guess, one question is - which PPCs does Storable work STABLY on?

I think I may have found the problem.  On my PowerBook,
:site_perl:auto:Storable:thaw.al has "=cut\n1;" at the end.  The =cut there
makes it so the 1; is never seen, so the .al file does not return true ...
so for some reason, MacPerl dies instead of complaining.

I fixed AutoSplit again.  Until then, you should fix your .al files
manually, I suppose.  The only file I found to do this was thaw.al, which
also makes sense considering:

  * this behavior only appeared on reading the files, not writing them
  * this behavior did not appear until I "fixed" a bug in AutoSplit (the
"fix" being incomplete)

The current AutoSplit in perl5.005 is fixed, in case you were wondering.
The problem was that a /^=\w/ .. /^=cut/ range was used, which would stay
true if it matched the first part until it matched the second part, even on
multiple iterations over multiple modules.  That was the problem ...
Storable was never split because one of the previous modules never finished
with a =cut to make the expression false.  Anyway, I fixed that, but then I
should have also had it skip the =cut part, and I didn't, I instead let
that print.

So, to make a long story short: to use Mac::Glue with Storable in my recent
release, remove the =cut from :site_perl:auto:Storable:thaw.al, and you
should be set on PPC.  Next release will have that fixed (and also require
a double-install, as this release did).  As for CFM68K, I have no idea what
to do to make it work.  Perhaps I can find out, or perhaps someone else
(Arved, Matthias) can figure it out.

Chris Nandor          mailto:pudge@pobox.com         http://pudge.net/
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