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Re: [MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Milivoj Ivkovic wrote:

> >Working in a DOS window just doesn't cut it in 1999,
> The DOS/Win command shells are miserable indeed. But still better than no
> command-line shell at all :-). Anyway, I don't suppose ActiveState will
> write a new command.com or cmd.exe.

There's better available, anyway - I use 4DOS to make life a bit more

> >You need a PhD just to get the ODBC and OLE stuff
> >properly working
> Don't agree on this. Again OLE is complicated, but Win32::OLE makes it
> about as easy as it can get. The few little things I did with DBI's ODBC
> and with Win32::ODBC were OK too.
I was being a bit facetious, about the OLE anyhow, which I've used without
too much trouble. The ODBC is a little bit more fractious, but
occasionally it's worked, too, but I wouldn't call it robust (but thismay
be no fault of the module...)


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