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Re: [MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

>Working in a DOS window just doesn't cut it in 1999,

The DOS/Win command shells are miserable indeed. But still better than no
command-line shell at all :-). Anyway, I don't suppose ActiveState will
write a new command.com or cmd.exe.
>and access to the Windows API is pathetic.

I'm afraid that it will remain complicated even if improved, since the API
itself is so complicated (mainly because of all the nested structures)

>You need a PhD just to get the ODBC and OLE stuff
>properly working

Don't agree on this. Again OLE is complicated, but Win32::OLE makes it
about as easy as it can get. The few little things I did with DBI's ODBC
and with Win32::ODBC were OK too.

>and the AS PPM
>repository is often behind

That's right. Should really be integrated into CPAN somehow.

>and I believe nobody on the planet has ever
>successfully gotten IIS to work with Perl CGI. :-)

I have :-)

>Perl available. So it's better that it's a smoothly-running Perl.

If we can get fork(), alarm() and signals to work, that's certainly a Good

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