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[MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

A CNET news artical "Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort" by Steven
Shankland. Announces the teaming of Active State and MicroSoft. I quote
fronm the artical.

"The realms of Microsoft and open source software just got a little

Microsoft has hired ActiveState Tool Corporation to beef up the Windows
features of the Perl programming language, an open-source technology. In
the open-source movement,programming instructions may be freely shared, a
contrast to the carefully guarded code from Microsoft.

ActiveState's goal isn't to help Microsoft make Perl its own, but rather to
make Perl work better on machines running the Microsoft Windows operating
system, chief executive Dick Hardt said today. ActiveState is a company
devoted to selling Perl products, such as easy installation routines and
services like notifying companies of the latest Perl developments, Hardt
said. "Our mission is to make Perl as popular as possible," he said."

Anyone who believes this last statement is very nive. Just look at what MS
did to Sun and Java, or for that matter the great majority of the teaming
efforts that MS has undertaken. (editorial comment ;-)

I know that this is off topic but I thought that eveyone would like to know
what is happening in the windoze comunity.
			Doug Spore

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