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Re: [MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

Douglas wrote:

> Anyone who believes this last statement is very nive. Just look
> at what MS did to Sun and Java, or for that matter the great
> majority of the teaming efforts that MS has undertaken.

"Tried" to do to Sun and Java. That move has probably done
more damage to MicroSoft and their credibility with the
general programming community than has yet been realized.

I believe that things don't look too pretty for MS from a legal
perspective either, since a judge has upheld Sun's request for
injunction based on copyright infringement. I believe that this
means MS will have to either make their version of java
compliant or remove it's java offering from the market completely.
On top of that, Sun are seeking a $35M award for breach of contract.

The point is, in this case, MicroSoft is probably on the level.


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