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Re: [MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

At 23.08 -0400 1999.06.02, Douglas A. spore wrote:
>ActiveState's goal isn't to help Microsoft make Perl its own, but rather to
>make Perl work better on machines running the Microsoft Windows operating
>system, chief executive Dick Hardt said today. ActiveState is a company
>devoted to selling Perl products, such as easy installation routines and
>services like notifying companies of the latest Perl developments, Hardt
>said. "Our mission is to make Perl as popular as possible," he said."
>Anyone who believes this last statement is very nive. Just look at what MS
>did to Sun and Java, or for that matter the great majority of the teaming
>efforts that MS has undertaken. (editorial comment ;-)

I believe it, and I am not naive (I think).  As far as the perl core is
concerned, Microsoft is basically just paying ActiveState to do work
ActiveState wanted to do anyway.  And there is a possibility that some of
this work will significantly benefit MacPerl, too.

ActiveState will come out with some proprietary products in this deal, but
that has no direct impact on perl.  perl will continue to be developed by
Sarathy and p5p, and all significant changes to the core will be
scrutinized by p5p.  Of course, Sarathy works for Dick Hardt at
ActiveState, so there is the appearance of and potential for conflict of
interest.  But Sarathy would not do anything to harm perl.

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