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[MacPerl] MacPerl Banner Sites

After all this time, we still have only a dozen "Banner Sites"
(pages that display the MacPerl banner) listed on our "MacPerl
Banner List" page:  http://www.macperl.com/depts/bnr_list.html

If your site displays the MacPerl banner, please send us the URL,
so we can add it to our list.

Otherwise, please consider putting the MacPerl banner on display
_and_ telling us about it!

Rich Morin:          rdm@cfcl.com, +1 650-873-7841, http://www.ptf.com/~rdm
Prime Time Freeware: info@ptf.com, +1 408-433-9662, http://www.ptf.com
MacPerl: http://www.macperl.com,       http://www.ptf.com/ptf/products/MPPE
MkLinux: http://www.mklinux.apple.com, http://www.ptf.com/ptf/products/MKLP

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