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RE: [MacPerl] Microsoft funds Perl open-source effort

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> What they really need on Windows + Perl is what ActiveState has already
> been doing, but more of the same. As it stands right now Perl on Windows
> has problems - just look at the number of questions in the newsgroups.

Actually, most of the questions on the newsgroups are from folks who don't
know where to look for info, or closer to the truth, they don't read the doc
files that com with the ActiveState Perl.

Most of the questions on the win32 mailing list are regular perl questions,
just like 'normal' questions on the newsgroup.

> Working in a DOS window just doesn't cut it in 1999,...

And what would you like to see?

There's not much difference between the DOS command window (for Perl use)
and what MacPerl gives you, or at least how I use it.

I code in an editor, hit RUN and the code runs in a 'command.com' window and
all is fine.

> and access to the Windows API is pathetic.

Access is OK, but the coding is cryptic, but that may be saying the same

> You need a PhD just to get the ODBC and OLE stuff properly working,

Well, maybe not a PhD, but definitely a MS ( hey a joke!) !

> the build process for XS is complicated and the AS PPM
> repository is often behind,

Yes, it is often behind, but I get most of what I need from it, and what I
can't get from them, I just get from CPAN, drop it into my perl/lib
directory and I'm off!

> and I believe nobody on the planet has ever
> successfully gotten IIS to work with Perl CGI. :-)

Well, I wouldn't say 'nobody'!

I have Perl/CGI running on 4 NT/IIS Servers and my NT laptop.

The only hitch was assigning perl to run .pl or .cgi scripts from the web
server, and the fix was found on the FAQ for ActiveState Perl.

> Windows is here to stay...

Well, one can always hope (not)...


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